Bringing the power of IoT to energy and telecom street cabinets

About IoCabinet

IoCabinet is a turn-key solution for telecom and energy operators who want to improve the management of their street cabinets deployed in the field. IoCabinet monitors access log, temperature, water presence and vibrations, shocks, and sends real-time alerts in case of any issue.

IoCabinet is retrofittable and can be installed in 2 minutes by any operator with no special qualification needed.

Components of the solution

IoT device
Installed in the cabinet to monitor it's status and send the information to the cloud.
Web platform
Analyzing data and providing analytics and asset management functionalities.
Mobile app
Supporting field operations with remote assistance, operators' log, image recognition, etc.
Asset monitoring capabilities

1.The IoT device

The IoCabinet's device is equipped with several sensors that enable the monitoring of 6 parameters:

Access log

Record the identity of the operator who accesses the cabinet, with timestamping.


Record openings of the cabinet, both authorized and non authorized.


Record shocks caused by hits (e.g. car crashes, vandalism, …) or excessive vibrations.


Record presence of water in the cabinet which may damage the equipment.


Measure the internal temperature of the cabinet and temperature peaks.


Store the precise GPS location, recorded upon installation of the device.
Asset management capabilities

2.The web platform

IoCabinet's web platform enables a suite of services for centralized asset management:

Alarm management

Visualize and manage an alarm dashboard and set thresholds for alarms.

Proactive maintenance

Schedule interventions as soon as issues emerge before critical disruptions.

Maintenance monitoring

Monitor the work by third parties, analyse performance, manage incentives.


Design the most efficient routes for operators to optimize maintenance interventions.
Field operations support capabilities

3.The mobile app

IoCabinet's mobile app enables a suite of services to optimize field operations and exploit extensive analytics:

Proof of maintenance

Get proof of the job done and updates on the asset's status with pics and texts.

Remote assistance & on the job training

Offer remote assistance with instant sharing of pictures, text or video / calls.

Operators recognition

Have visibility of the work of each operator to incentivize the best performers.

Knowledge repository

Store asset-related information to make them available upon installation.

The services

Preliminary consulting and process mapping:

  • Process mapping
  • Quantification of obtainable benefits
  • Customized solution design

The IoT device functional features:

  • Self-sufficient battery-and connectivity-wise
  • Cabinet-agnostic
  • Convenient and user friendly
  • Retrofittable: green + brown field

Willing to try it?

IoCabinet is ready to be deployed in the field.
Contact us to set up a pilot project.